The Weapons and Weapons Systems Used to Exploit Nonhuman Animals

If a weapon can be defined as an instrument or device of any kind used to injure, incapacitate, or kill another, then it is only correct that we also call an instrument or device of any kind used to exploit other animals a weapon as well. And if any integrated system for the control and operation of a specific type of weaponry is a weapons system, then a similar system of weapons used to exploit other animals is also a weapons system. For instance, battery cages and electric fences are both weapons, and confined animals feeding operations and free-range ranches are both weapons systems; captive-bolt guns and controlled atmosphere killing are both weapons, and a slaughterhouse is a weapons system.

From now on I'm going to attempt to use the terms "weapon" and "weapons system" in describing the exploitation of other animals. I think writing "weapon for exploiting other animals" is clear and unambiguous, whereas in the past I have written things like "methods of exploiting other animals," or "means of exploiting other animals." The term "weapons" aptly describes the methods and means used to exploit other animals since it denotes the fact that injuring, incapacitating, and killing other animals is an inherent part of their exploitation by humans.

The language-set used to

The language-set used to demean animals, or speciesist language has it's own modalities of degradation.

Just think of the terminology the nazi's constructed to create a foundation for their terror, war, anti-semitism and type of racism, and eugenics....

Anyway, when you take a look at for example the termini of e.g. hunters, meat packing plants, breeding facilities or other fields of animal oppression, you get some insights about a certain mindset...speciesist stuff.