Vision of a Plant-Based Food System

Previously, I posted about the aims of the Movement for Compassionate Living:
  1. To spread the vegan message and promote simple living and self-reliance as a remedy against the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.
  2. To promote the use of trees and vegan-organic farming to meet the needs of society for food and natural resources.
  3. To promote a land-based society where as much of our food and resources as possible are produced locally.
An Associated Press article, "Veganic farmers work without animal fertilizers, byproducts," on Don Bustos, of the Santa Cruz Farm in northern New Mexico's Espanola Valley, provides an example of what these aims can look like. There's also a video on-line of Bustos talking about his farm and Merging Traditional Farming Production with Modern Technology.

In the video, Bustos talks about the acequia irrigation system where water is a commons, as opposed to a commodity. He talks about it as a right for everyone to have access to good clean water. I like that concept; that's actually what my vision of a plant-based food system is like. Rather than individual farms being run by a family and selling their produce at farmers' markets, I picture a system of farms like Bustos's controlled by the communities so that everyone can have access to good, healthy food. Like Bustos said about water, food is a human right.