Solidarity with Other Animals

This past Labor Day, Animal Voices replayed an interview with Jason Hribal on how "Animals Are Part of the Working Class." Hribal offers a insightful analysis on the agency, labor, and resistance of other animals and a call for solidarity with them and recognition of their role in creating history.

Hribal writes regular about nonhuman animals as workers and their resistance to exploitation in CounterPunch, where you can read "Jesse, a Working Dog" mentioned in the interview. (Also mentioned in the interview is Hribal's article, "Animals, Agency, and Class: Writing the History of Animals from Below.")

Hribal work offers a much needed antidote to the protectionism and victimization that is dominant standpoint in well-resourced nonhuman animal advocacy. Rather than viewing other animals as hapless victims in need of the protection of enlightened humans, Hribal uses a class analysis that frames other animals as agents who resist their exploitation. That is, nonhuman animals don't need our protection, but rather our solidarity and allyship.