PETA = Indefensible

OK, so I deleted my last post in response to what I thought was part of a spam campaign by PETA. Yesterday, Jessica commented:

Has anyone else noticed this "Peta striptease"??

It features a ridiculously easy "quiz" in which every correct answer (the obvious one, in most cases) reveals an even more naked skinny girl.

[URL removed]

I've gotten similarly worded spam in the past promoting porn sites, so I assumed that's what this was. Anyway, Jessica replied to my post:

I am so sorry you misinterpreted my post. I am just a reader on the site who wanted to bring the PETA website to your attention to see what you would have to say about it...I didn't think that you would interpret it as me promoting it in any way. I was just shocked that PETA would actually have that on their website, and think that it should be rallied against and taken down!! I had not seen any commentary about it on the web so didn't know if people were aware. Please believe me. (Although this is the internet, but take my word for it.)

I owe Jessica an apology. I was shocked by what I took to be a promotion of PETA's website -- infuriated, actually -- and I'm sorry that I misinterpreted her comment.

I became even more outraged when I did a search to see if other people were getting spam, and I came across a blog defending PETA. No matter how many different forms of oppression PETA perpetuates, there is always some apologist ready to say, "But PETA does some good."

I really do wish people who apologize for PETA would wake up to the fact that PETA is an oppressive organization. As I've posted in the past, PETA helped lead the Non-Profit Industrial Complex takeover of nonhuman animal advocacy, works with the far-right, promotes militarism, colonization, and occupation, and appropriates "vegan" for White supremacy and a neo-liberal agenda.