PETA Appropriates 'Vegan' for White Supremacy

Far from promoting the principles of veganism, PETA over and over again promotes oppression and exploitation of human and nonhuman animals. In the past week PETA has appropriated the term "vegan" in support of anti-immigration violence. As explained by PETA blogger Sean Conner:

We've written a letter to the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection asking to buy space at each of the nine southwest border sectors for our new ad. Those considering entry will then read this message: "If the border patrol doesn't get you, the chicken and burgers will. Go vegan" (or, in Spanish, "Si no te agarra la migra, te atraparan el pollo y las hamburguesas. Sé vegano").

This message, which is obviously threateningly anti-im/migrant, has absolutely nothing to do with veganism. The militarization of the US-Mexico border is not a joke. This is not a warning "about the downside of our nation's meat and milk consumption habits," as PETA claims, but rather support for oppressive border policies.

Blogger Marisol LeBron sums up the backwards logic of PETA:

Instead of talking about the ways that the food processing industry exploits and dehumanizes the people of color and im/migrants who work in plants, PETA chose instead to go the media publicity route and ask the US Border Patrol if they can advertise on the Wall.

Of course, humans are not the only ones to migrate across the US-Mexico border. The wall will divide nonhuman communities and disrupt the migration of several species of free living animals, including jaguars, hawks, and humming birds.

PETA's support of the border wall is reflective of a previous appropriation of the term "vegan" to promote White supremacy and militarism. In 2001, PETA supported the bombing of Afghanistan under a so-called "vegan" campaign.