Liberation and Vegan Revival

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to post. But people like Royce Drake at Vegans of Color have been posting some great stuff. His post on "Rights or Liberation" makes an important distinction between liberation and rights discourse.

liberation encompasses the tactics used in rights-based discourses but isn’t limited to them. One can write to a politician or corporation and whether or not something is done a that level, change will be sought anyway. I also feel that liberation struggles are linked in a way rights are not. When fighting for liberation one is actively engaged with dismantling the system(s) of oppression, and if oppressions are linked (which a lot of us seem to think they are), then one can fight several battles with the same action. I think that liberation is more full, where as animal rights creates legal change that forces people to treat animals differently, animal liberation is a fight for a paradigm shift, for political, legal, social, psychic, an material changes in how we all interact with animals.

Drake has another post on Vegans of Color where he talks about veganism feeling a little confining. I also struggle with this, because the way veganism is popularly (mis)used is extremely confining and co-opted. But this is not really veganism; as originally envisioned, veganism is about liberation. So, for me, dealing with the confining (mis)interpretation of veganism means contributing to a revitalization of veganism as a revolutionary praxis of liberation.

Re: Liberation and Vegan Revival

I found Royce's post thought-provoking as well. I was converned about the interpretation and copleye dismissal of rights (I see the two as related--we have a moral right to freedom, IMO). However, I agree that the problem is broad and that the movement, such as it is, does not work hard enough (at all?) on challenging the underlying oppression that makes liberation necessary to begin with.

I like you idea of revitalizing veganism very much. It can be such a powerful, self-liberating choice, along with it being a personal act of liberating others.