About The Vegan Ideal

The Vegan Ideal works to cultivate a process by which theory, learning and skills based on the principle of non-exploitation are put into practice. The intent is to affirm an emancipatory and transformative process for ending all forms of violence and oppression – regardless of whether those being exploited are humans, other animals, and the Earth's life-sustaining systems and resources. It is equally an intersectional, collective process that honors all who are working to end oppression and is complementary and noncompetitive with them.

With an interest in encouraging innovation and the creative process as ways to model and mobilize practical ideas for a non-exploitative, oppression-free world – here and now – an effort is made to focus on working to encourage, assert and empower the conditions necessary for manifesting a world without exploitation or oppression, with an emphasis on immediate proactive, constructive and pro-creative transformation.