October 2010

Let's Make Julie Bindel's Hatred History

Yesterday, Julie Bindel linked to this site in her most recent column for the Guardian urging, "Let's Make PETA History." The thing you need to know about Bindel is that she is notoriously opposed to justice for both trans people and sex workers, and in her own words claims to "hate vegetarians." While it's obvious to any anyone who searches this site that I have no love for PETA, I was surprised that Bindel would link to this site since the majority of what I've written over the last year is in support of justice people who are trans and/or sex workers—not to mention that this site is The Vegan Ideal, a radically pro-vegetarian website. Given all this, I can't help but feel like Bindel is cherry-picking only that information supporting her own personal agenda. (Read more...)

Lierre Keith: A Case Study in Anti-Trans Hatred

Lierre Keith is the author of The Vegetarian Myth, a polemic against plant-based diets, and the forthcoming Deep Green Resistance, with Aric McBay and Derrick Jensen. Last year I wrote a post "Questioning Lierre Keith's Transphobia" when asked on another blog, "Can you site anything written by Keith where she expresses views about Trans people?" Joelle Ruby Ryan came across my post in preparation for a conference where Keith was presenting. Having discovered Keith's anti-trans connections, Ryan informed the conference organizers. Here are excerpts of Keith's response to being asked about her ideologically driven hatred of trans people, as posted on Ryan's Transmeditations’s Blog: (Read more...)