March 2009

Move Over Tobacco: Meat is 'Highest Overall' Killer

The following is from today's headline via DemocracyNow!:

Study: Lots of Red Meat Increases Mortality Risk

And a major new study from the National Cancer Institute has found people who eat the most red meat and the most processed meat have the highest overall risk of death from all causes, including heart disease and cancer. Researchers came to this conclusion after studying the eating habits of more than 500,000 people between the ages of fifty and seventy-one. The researchers said thousands of deaths could be prevented if people simply ate less meat.

This is, of course, old news reconfirmed by yet another study. The NCI, a U.S. government institution, has long known that animal products are a public health concern. However, while we are encouraged to quit smoking, inevitably the recommendations regarding animal products only go as far as: "simply [eat] less meat." Even as thousands are dying, vegetarianism is never represented as an option.

Where's the Humor?

Patrick Kwan of the SuperVegan blog wrote a post on Cooking with Trannies, a new YouTube channel, which he tagged under "humor." After watching the channel's debut video I'm left wondering where's the humor?

About The Vegan Ideal

The Vegan Ideal works to cultivate a process by which theory, learning and skills based on the principle of non-exploitation are put into practice. The intent is to affirm an emancipatory and transformative process for ending all forms of violence and oppression – regardless of whether those being exploited are humans, other animals, and the Earth's life-sustaining systems and resources. It is equally an intersectional, collective process that honors all who are working to end oppression and is complementary and noncompetitive with them.

With an interest in encouraging innovation and the creative process as ways to model and mobilize practical ideas for a non-exploitative, oppression-free world – here and now – an effort is made to focus on working to encourage, assert and empower the conditions necessary for manifesting a world without exploitation or oppression, with an emphasis on immediate proactive, constructive and pro-creative transformation.

Δυναμική Αβλάβεια: Πολύ παραπάνω από την απουσία βασάνου/πόνου

Όταν ο H. Jay Dinshah ίδρυσε την Αμερικανική Vegan Society το 1960, ερμήνευσε το vegan ιδανικό της μη-εκμετάλλευσης ως ahimsa, ή "Δυναμική Αβλάβεια." Αυτό παραλληλίζεται με αυτό που γράφουν η Barbara Smith και ο Keith Tudor, ότι δηλαδή "η μη εκμετάλλευση μπορεί να αντιμετωπισθεί ως μέρος της... δέσμευσης του να μην προκαλούμε καμία ζημιά ή κακό."

Η Δυναμική Αβλάβεια είναι κάτι περισσότερο από την "μείωση του πόνου/βασάνου," επειδή ο πόνος είναι μόνο ένα σύμπτωμα της βλάβης. Ένα παυσίπονο θα μειώσει τον πόνο, αλλά δεν θα ξαναφτιάξει ένα σπασμένο κόκκαλο, ούτε, το πιο σημαντικό, θα κάνει τίποτα για αυτό που ίσως προκαλεί τα σπασμένα κόκκαλα. (Διαβάστε περισσότερα ...)